Cheese on Wheels

Cheese on Wheels is a self-contained production facility, entirely housed in a 53’ semi trailer. It’s an economical means to produce various dairy products on a small scale – on the farm or remotely as a means of dairy promotion.

Modular, Small Scale Dairy Production – Cheese on Wheels

We can custom build these units to fit your needs. They can be shipped world-wide. We are taking orders now — delivery in approximately 3 months.

Years of experience combined with extensive research

The initial “concept” design of this dairy plant is for cheese production. It can also be used for bottled milk, yogurt, ice cream, and butter. The system can process about 200 gallons of milk per batch. It can produce 400 us gallons of milk into cheese in about 12 to 14 hrs, 2 batches of 200 gallons each. This would basically consist of a 200 gal batch pasteurizer, a 200 gal cheese vat, press table, drain table, and brine tank.

Everything you need – one small package

Mechanically, Cheese on Wheels includes everything you’d see in a full scale factory:

  • Connections for LP/Natural gas,water, sewer, and electrical
  • Runs on 120 amps of 220 v single phase 60 cycle electricity
  • Boiler, chiller, and industrial hot water heater, all installed according to code.
  • Small air compressor
  • Walk-in cooler

Only external utility connections are required for complete operation. The unit is set up, inspected and tested before it leaves our plant.

Equipment Cleaning Provisions

Cleaning provisions include a C.O.P. tank for small parts and cheese form washing, foamer station, a hose station, and a hand wash sink. The pump used to transfer milk from the storage tank to the vat pasteurizer will double as a C.I.P. pump to wash the line and pasteurization tank.

Milk Processing

We can also build the C.O.W. as a fluid milk plant which will produce 1000 us gallons of raw milk into bottles in about 12 hrs. This unit would basically have a rebuilt separator/clarifier, 2-350 gal batch pasteurizers, filler, capper, and pumps.