We milk 365 cows and have a RHA of 31,000. If I would have known the benefi ts of the pasteurizer, we would have put one in 20 years ago. The difference is like night and day, we have healthier calves, no death loss since we put the new pasteurizer in and no scours or sick calves. We recommend the CMP 2000 from Darlington Dairy Supply because of ease of use, self cleaning, milk strainer, cooling option, pasteurize complete warning and the 30 day free trial. We are very happy with the purchase of our pasteurizer and the results we are receiving.”

James Muench-Herdsman for Landon Farms, Inc., Lancaster, WI

We purchased our pasteurizer and cheese molds from Darlington Dairy in 2009. From the start, they were wonderful to work with. When working with our inspectors, they were prompt and professional. As a dairy farmer and cheese maker, our schedules are hectic and Darlington Dairy has gone out of their way to fi t our time schedule. I am thrilled with our pasteurizer!!”

Mark Armstrong Acoustic Farms Award Winning Cheeses